Why don't my items show up on the "Popular Items" chart?

Ive noticed that with my kits and packs i’ve often sold 2-3 of the same item in a week which should have them show up in the weekly best sellers chart but they don’t. Ive sent several emails to support@author.envato.com, the first Will replied and said they’d look into it, i’ve had 5 items since that i’ve flagged with no responses.

Anyone got any ideas? i was doing affiliate links incorrectly a year or so ago, would that have got my account flagged?

I wonder if the support team are all on holiday? Ive sent 7 emails over the last 5 weeks with no reply

Is your items are getting good sell then the other popular item(from popular list) on same category?

Are you sure you’ve made those sales within the same week? From Monday at midnight to Sunday at 11h59pm, Melbourne Time?

Sidenote, how sad is it that only two sales can get you on the best seller list now? This place is sinking fast.


Im in the same timezone as Melbourne so no confusion there. Ive even had a kit sell 3 times on the same day and not show when the top seller was 2 sales. Its really odd, but ive noticed a trend off kits selling better than regular tracks. I cant help but think im missing out on precious exposure.

God forbid a regular track sell enough to chart and not show up, after 7 years of work to break through!

Another week, another item sells enough for the weekly top seller charts but isn’t there…

This pack sold 4 times and is trending!

But STILL doesn’t show in the weekly best seller charts

another email to envato that has no response. Ive sent 8 emails to support@author.envato.com over the last 2 months trying to get help, is author help actually a real thing?

Do packs make best seller charts?

Yes, see the link above your post

@soundtrack-city Will here with Author Support. I have only seen 1 ticket from you which I replied to you to inform you this needs to be escalated.

There is an issue behind this and our Rights Management team are reviewing this and will come back to you as soon as they can.

I appreciate your patience

Thanks for the Reply Will.

After 8 weeks with no word, many missed opportunities and un-replied emails im sure you can understand my frustrations. Glad to know this is still active and hopefully resolved soon,

cheers mate!

Sorry @soundtrack-city I could only see the one email thread we have discussed this on and as the matter is around a serious matter of trademark, these can take time but I have asked the team to come back to you ASAP - we haven’t forgotten you image