What qualifies your item as "trending"?

Wondering if it’s by sales alone, or maybe with views, etc…? Just curious. Either way, I’m thankful to have a Christmas track doing very well this week! Happy Holidays to all.

I congratulate the friend! Keep in there!!! :slight_smile:

I hope my track too will become a trend! :slight_smile:

Nobody knows the exact secret blend of herbs and spices, and I’m not sure it will ever be shared as it could be open to abuse, but I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of combination of sales, views and comments.


I was wandering about tihs too.
I’ve applied these filters:

Now, I can only speak for myself, in this first page of results there’s a music pack of mine with 0 Sales, 0 Comments and not so much views

Than I switched to Best sellers:

and results show another pack of mine that is effectively best seller of the last month and it should be surely more trending than the other pack, considering that it is constantly selling, it has some comments and much more views.

I guess there’s something wrong in this :confounded: