why couldn't my song be approved?

Hi everyone.
why couldn’t my song be approved?
I will be glad if you help me

Well, I think that piano sounds too midi, low quality on that choir and drums library. The song itself is too repetitive, you need to work more on arrangement, melody, dynamic and mix also.


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You’re off to a good start, but there are a few weak elements that are holding it back. Here are the big things I would recommend addressing first:

  1. Humanize the piano - This is a big one, and an easy win for situations like this. Humanizing in this case means to vary the velocity of each piano note so it sounds more natural, like a real person is playing it. You can do this either with your DAW or, depending on the piano, it may have variation settings built in. Just try not to completely randomize it. Sounding natural means variation not just in the individual notes, but building the tension and emotion up and down throughout the track. For example, the piano notes should start getting a little louder/harder when the song is reaching an emotional climax! Conversely, the piano hits should be softer during quieter moments in the song, like when there’s no percussion.

  2. Add a strong bassline - I can definitely sense the emotion in your song, but there’s no bassline underneath all the beautiful melodies to drive them forward. I recommend experimenting a bit here. You may find that a low cello or string notes work, but a nice synth sub bass or filtered square bass might work as well! The important thing to remember is this: the bass is what “grounds” the melodies and makes your song easier to follow. With a good bass behind your melodies, listeners will be more able to follow your song and predict where it’s going, especially when building tension.

  3. Composition and arrangement - With those elements improved, the last tips I would give you are related to composition and arrangement. The patterns are good on their own, but there’s too many long gaps, and there’s also a few sections where it’s difficult to tell where the song is going. Twice I felt like the song was building up to a big climax, but instead there was silence followed by another quiet piano solo. I totally understand what you’re going for with the silence! It’s a great tool for building tension and then holding back the release. However, I think it’s best to use this sparingly, maybe even only once! Some of the gaps between the big moments and quiet moments could really use smoother transitions. Try this, just to see how it feels: only use one gap in the middle of the song, to go from a big emotional moment to a quiet one. For the rest of the song, try using fill transitions instead of silent gaps. Use things like risers to make the transitions smoother. You have a great drum fill that appears a few times - try using that for transitions instead of gaps too!

I hope you find this feedback useful. Good luck, and be sure to let us know how this progresses! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your suggestions. I am also open to different views