Rejected Music Track Advice - Please help

Hi all,

You can listen to my newest creation here:

It just got rejected with just “isn’t at the quality standards”. Can anyone shed some light on why you think it got rejected? And also just general advice, improvements, constructive criticism, etc.

Thank you!


I think you got 3 problems here:

  1. The composition itself
  2. The Arrangement/choice of instruments
  3. The quality of your virtual instruments

Even if the song is a pure pentatonic track its a little hard to grasp the tonality, theres not a singable melody in there and the harmony sounds random. Its also a bit fatiguing with the piano and bass always playing, a also random sounding bass line, in unison. The middle part of the track introduce a part that sounds like a whole other song, but with same shortcomings as the first part.

I think your biggest problem is the sound quality. Try to compare both your instrument sounds and mix with a professional recording and use a track you like as a reference for your own track.

Also try to make your track more melodic and maybe simpler, and remember its most of the is going to be used as background music under speech.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Edit: One more important thing, your track has little or no dynamics. Try to make use of dynamics to avoid the music sounding programmed and"midi".


Hi! I fully agree with @Hyperprod. Composition, arrangement and sound quality are not relevant for AudioJungle. You need to listen top-tracks to understand trends and quality standarts of AudioJungle. Good luck! :slight_smile:

The piano you’re using sounds very MIDI. There’s also no variation in velocity which can make it sound mechanical.