Help! My track was rejected

Can anyone give me some advice?

sorry the link is this

Hello and sorry to hear about your rejection.

I think the piano is a bit too stiff and could use some dynamics. Right now it sounds very programmed and it’s the same all the way through.

The lead feels out of place, perhaps change it to another instrument. Look at other popular tracks for inspiration.

You should probably also add some variation in the structure so it’s not the same thing repeating the whole track.

Again, listen to some popular pop tracks here at AudioJungle and make some changes and I’m sure you will get approved. Don’t get discouraged. Good luck!


Some thoughts:

-quality of samples is low
-lead sound “woahhww” is too particular, strange
-almost no dynamics
-too little variation in composition
-too little variation in arrangement, e.g. drums never really change at all

Good luck!


Thank you :+1:

thanks for your opinion :wink: :+1:

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I will tell my opinion on this track. I think that the reason for the failure is the sound quality of both individual instruments and the entire track. A high volume of the low middle and a low volume of the high frequencies (2000-20000 Hz.) are listened to. Because of this, the sound is opaque, friable (loose), non-commercial (amateur). Regarding the arrangement - yes, there is monotony. Try to do the intro without drums and bass, then 1 in part - drums, bass and lead pad; add piano in part 2 (this way expression increases, which does not let the listener get bored)to the bass, drums, melodies, it’s not bad to add a harmony to the main melody a third (terzo) higher or lower, which is played by another Pad (or a bell, for example), you can just let the bell ring the same notes as the main Pad. In 3 parts (the expression is reduced), leave the bass, piano, melodies to play. In 4 parts, it looks like in the second part of the composition. At several words - diversify the parts of the composition.
Sorry for my English.
Good luck!


Thank you very much, my friend :+1: