why brochure was rejected???

to be honest it look amateur … font is too basic , spacing is not right and design is very basic.


your design is too basic :frowning:

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I have to agree - it just looks to amateur compared to what is available on the site. The Heading font is way to big for what is needed. The font really does need some consideration, as it looks bad.

Have a look around and look at what others are selling and the quality they are putting out. Ask yourself, would you, if a business, want to buy what you’re suggesting?

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Why you show off six blank presentation views of the trifold brochure or is this not a print template but only a mockup for a trifold brochure?

this layout for brochure

but you know that this is not an issue for sale

You’ve got a long way to go. Keep working, learning and improving.

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