Why are my files sold for 0 usd?

When I checked the earnings report, I noticed that my 0 usd files were sold. Why does Envato sell files for free?

Your items has earned less than 1 cent - that is why there is 0.

Why your items are earned less than 1 cent? Well, if you know how Elements works and how the money (item points) are shared - all is clear then - in short, customer which has downloaded your item (on which you have earned 0) has downloaded a lot of other items, a lot.

What a superb deal Elements is for authors!

Well actually, you are. You made a decision to join. Now that you know you’re getting scammed, it’s your decision to stay.

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We all know that even before we have joined. But there are a lot of authors which have not read terms and conditions and how Elements works. All that we can (and should) check before we have start to sell.

I know that some accounts (on Marketplaces) has been disabled just because age restrictions - authors were too young.

Just wait till the end of the month to see full report and then you can compare your total earnings with market earnings. I bet Elements will bring you more for full month.

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