Who can I contact as an author? Envato is basically not answering. 2 weeks/reply...

Hello fellow Authors,

I have been having issues with payments being sent to wrong address and not being able to change the payout address. I have refunded a rather large payout to envato and I am waiting for them to have the possibility of adding the correct “new” payout address for 2 months now. Being a corporate account it is of utmost importance that payouts are sent to the correct account. I am going nuts here as I have been begging to get a reply to a question for months now. When I explain the problem I have to wait for 2 weeks so that the person replying asks if my problem is the following…"…"?
I obviously reply with a yes aftger which another 2 weeks have to pass for me to get an answer “I am going to look into the issue”…2 more weeks pass, I totally lose it an ask them what on earth is going on. No reply, nothing, nada.
I mean treating contributors like TRASH is unacceptable for me.
Can somebody provide an email or a phone number that I can try contacting because I am seriously considering closing the account and requesting the payment I returned to them via legal means.
This is a disgrace.

I just wanted everybody to know how they are treating authors.

There’s no direct phone number or email that you could use except the “contact form”.
Are you referring an issue with the refund ( purchase ) or getting payments from your sale? Because, in most cases, if they didn’t offer you a credit to your account, they usually refund the same way as the payment ( if it’s PayPal, via PayPal, if it’s credit card, via credit card )

I am referring to getting paid for my sales. My main issue is that I am not getting replies at all. We have 2 ongoing issues that need addressing ASAP but nobody bothers. So sad and so unprofessional.

You can change the payment details at your account but for the previous payment, if it fails to transfer, it will be returned to your account automatically

Hi @nd3000! Sorry to hear that - I’ve just checked with the Author Support team, and it looks like the issue is still being investigated by our developers. You should get a reply via your open support tickets ASAP.

Edit: For any authors reading this thread in future, opening a support ticket via the Envato Authors Help and Support page is the best method for resolving any account-related issues. That way, those requests can be routed directly to the teams that can troubleshoot and fix the issues.

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