Who are these reviewers????

Hi guys,

So I wanted to know does anyone have any insight as to how they choose these reviewers? I just had one item soft rejected by this person : (Removed. Please do not call out users)

He has 0 sales and 0 items. How is he a reviewer???

Because some of the things he has issues with are just … ah… seems I need to start reading cyber minds!


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I think that the reviewer no enter in our forums because the reviewer works in themeforest.

What is your message soft rejected?, please show me because maybe we can help you thanks.

Reviewers are experienced users who will check your product for compliance with marketplace requirements

Yeah but how do I know if these reviewers are competent enough to review my items? What have they done, where are there portfolios? What templates have they created? etc…

Because this particular reviewer had issues with some design decisions I made and I want to know if his opinion is worth my design amendments.

I agree they are there to check products for compliance with marketplace requirements and I agree that some “technical” stuff such as inline css, proper event binding are completely appropriate to be requested that we change them and improve them, but if someone has issues with my design, then I want to know if they are competent enough to even talk about design.

And also what are the marketplace requirements as far as design is concerned? Where does it say what the design needs to be specifically such and such. Does it say " we don’t like the color red, don’t use it?" (that was just an example).

There are not, and cannot be specific requirements because any design is subjective and given that all items should be unique and not duplicates, it would be impossible to have fixed elements.

At the end of the day someone has to take the decision and anyone submitting items here simply has to accept it.

For what it’s worth as has been said earlier - reviewed are chosen for their expertise in the field as well as knowledge and experience of the marketplaces.

Just because a reviewers profile does not have any items on it does not in anyway mean they are not placed to do their job. For example how does anyone know they are not part of the team behind top selling items which are just released under a different account?

With all due respect the reviewers and envato have no obligation to share any info about a reviewer or other team member. It would be counter productive for envato to hire anyone without the necessary skillset.

If in doubt you can share a link or image to your demo here and get feedback.

I understand what your saying and I somewhat agree with you but again where is the transparency, if the reviewers are part of a team then why not say that, why not put that on their profile so that we (the authors) can be certain that we are in good hands and that these reviews are actually beneficial to our templates and to the possibility of a sale.

I also agree that it’s my decision to place or not place an item here on Envato, but if I do decide to place an item with the knowledge that most of the sale money will go to Envato and not me then I expect transparency, because at the end of the day it’s my item they are selling and getting passive income from so I want it to be transparent as possible. I would also like to have the ability to dispute the reviewers issues and not fear that they will hard reject me because I’m being “loud”.

"It would be counter productive for envato to hire anyone without the necessary skillset."
Hm, I know many companies that have hired the wrong people.

Okay. I’m going to lock this down now. Please read the community guidelines. If there is anything you’d like to mention about the review team, please pass it to Envato Help and Support