Envato Author is an Envato Reviewer too!? This is ridiculous

Hello Community,

We have an WordPress Theme in review right now, and received soft reject from reviewer that is at the same time an active Themeforest author and our competitor too! How this is possible? How a competitor can review objective other author?!



I think this isn’t good if I can get hard reject just because reviewer right now developing a theme for the same category(for example). Waiting for Envato team response.

This has all been talked about before a few years ago or so. There are plenty of authors who are reviewers also, obviously having experience as an author can help as a reviewer. Instead of looking for conspiracies as to why you got something rejected, keep working to get your items approved. The only way to get work approved is to understand the marketplaces and work hard to create something great. :+1:


We are an Elite Author, so we understand how to make qualitative items and don’t have problems with approves, the question is other “How objective can be review from a competitor”?

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This is the current policy, and has been for the whole history of Envato as far as I know. If you want to effect a policy change, I suggest you draw up some cool signs and go protest the offices in Melbourne. :fist: :v:

it’s just like a soccer/football player plays referee role at the same time in a non-stop match huh?
Does this one exist in the history of humankind?

I don’t think this is a problem as far as I know. Because I am a videohive Elite author and there are videohive reviewers who are play role as an authors in the same time, but they are very good and give some advice’s if my(our) projects got soft rejected. Actually I don’t know about other market places they are must be the same.

There are plenty of reviewers on AJ who are also authors. They are just as professional and objective in their work as those who aren’t authors. I certainly haven’t noticed any competitive or unfair behaivour. We all happily coexist :slight_smile:


Heaps of reviewers are authors. I would prefer when a reviewer is an author first.

Existing authors tend to know how the market works and what is expected, compared to an “outsider”.

Even the senior reviewer kailoon is an author.


It’s ok when a reviewer was an author in past, kailoon is not an active author that upload new items every 2 or 3 months, but in our case the reviewer is an active author in the same category as we make our products (WordPress) that updates their items and post new ones.

Thats not good. I am shocked to hear about it.

Well it’s not outside the realms of possibility that most, if not all, of your portfolio was reviewed and approved by other authors. Are you saying that some of those were not objective decisions, and some of them shouldn’t have been approved?

No, i don’t mean that, the question was: how an active author can be in the same time a reviewer. This is all about competition, a referee can’t participate in game.

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So you’d rather someone who has no experience of creating items for Envato, does the reviewing for Envato? I wouldn’t be too keen on that. Sure, I can see what you’re getting at, but the amount of items those guys have to review… on top of making and supporting their own items? I really don’t think they’ve got time to go doing anything sneaky.

I also see no problem about it as far as review results are fair after and not visibly ‘played’ (which has never happened to me after my competitors reviewing 600 items in 2.5 years at AudioJungle)

I think if a person is a professional he can handle both hats - author and reviewer with no problem at the same time. If some unfair game noticed - you always can message support about the specific subject.

My latest item was also reviewed by active TF author. And guess what. It was approved after I’ve fixed all the issues. Unbelievable, right?


Can someone PM me the name of the author/reviewer? Just curious.

I actually would want to see more experienced TF authors becoming reviewers.

Becoming reviewers - yes, but not in the same time as being an author.

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Why not? They’re the best, having experience and know-how. The review queue will be smaller. Let’s not get too paranoid about the situation. An ill-minded reviewer would soon be caught by the community anyway.