Which types of buyers prefer non-PRO music

The dilemma “Pro vs non-Pro” has already been discussed a lot and I understand that for composers at high-end libraries is more important to be in a PRO than composers in Royalty-Free Libraries but i would like to make a more specific question on the subject.

First of all the benefits of being registered with a PRO are obvious, though not equally important for all. But I try to figure out - unsuccessfully till now, if there are really some positives in NOT being registered with a PRO (except for the time you save avoiding bureaucracy). And that always leads me to the following question:
Which types of buyers prefer to buy non-PRO music? In other words, what types of usages, leads a buyer to avoid PRO music?

I would greatly appreciate a help on this.

Buyers who would be responsible for paying performance royalties themselves, could want to avoid paying those by using non-PRO music.

This mostly concerns live environment uses. Live venue owners, or event organizers may indeed want to stay clear from PRO music so that they don’t have to pay those royalties.


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And this may vary from country and local law and local PRO effectiveness. So it’s hard to say who exactly prefers non-PRO music.


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Thank you very much for your answers!

People who have no idea what PRO is, and don’t fancy reading all the ‘what does this mean?’ article under the PRO notification on the author’s profile/track pages.


Very true, and most likely accounting for most of those who avoid PRO music. Even though it won’t affect them whatsoever, many simply stay away from PRO music, just to be safe.

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But is it really the case that many people stay away from PRO music? It’s hard to believe since we have many steady top sellers registered in PRO’s.

I would believe that most customers do not care a single dime about PRO or not (I have no data to back this belief up of course…) Some are skeptic but that could be that they don’t understand the concept more then anything?

On the other side some customers do want PRO registered music for their workflow and paperwork.

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Oh, I’m not saying that there are many buyers who stay away from PRO music. I don’t know the numbers, but as you said most top sellers are indeed registered with a PRO.

I meant that of those who do stay away, I think most actually do because of ignorance. At least they outnumber those who actually seek non PRO music because it affects them.


Thanks for all the replies! They were very helpful