How can you tell if AudioJungle music has a PRO or not?

Hi - New buyer but I’m lost on whether or not my purchased music is clear of any PRO issues. Where does an audio piece tell you that it is PRO or No PRO. Also, My understanding is that No PRO would be a piece totally free and clear of any PRO issues or requirements. I bought a piece form alexbird.


Hi, check the link below, scroll down to the section: How do I find Non-P.R.O. music?

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What PRO issues are you thinking of? In most cases, it shouldn’t make any difference to you as a buyer whether the music is registered with a PRO or not.

That said, if you find yourself in a specific situation where non-PRO music is meaningful to you then you can check the right side bar on an item page, there’s a field named “PRO affiliated” which will give you the info you need.

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Thanks so much for the reply. It really helped. I did not see that the first time through! I was able to select the no PRO in the left hand search bar and find that the piece that I purchased is contained in the selection for that genre and type. I feel confident now in using it. Thanks again!

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Hey thank you so much for the reply. As a newbie here it really helped me dial the search in. I found my purchased piece in the specified search. You are a superstar! Marty

Hi again, I think I missed answering your first question, sorry. I am looking specifically for YouTube video creation music and I as I’ve seen in some of the YouTube information on copyright that there could be issues with using PRO music if I don’t have the correct PRO license for the music for different PRO organizations so I’m thinking that there should be plenty and ample no PRO music available for use that would not pose any risk in this regard. Again any help in clarifying this area of concern is appreciated. I read over the info that envato offered on PRO ( I did miss the How to find No PRO music…da. ) but still its a lot to absorb and understand so thanks again for your assistance and thoughtful reply. Marty

No problem! It can be a headscratcher indeed :wink:

For Youtube usage, whether the music is PRO registered or not doesn’t affect you. The platform is responsible for paying royalties, not the user.

So there’s really no need for you to filter PRO music out. You might miss some great track :slight_smile: