Where is your Customer service please? Can't install a plugin

please where is your customer service?
you look very proad and it looks like you are changing the world. but there is no Customer care so I don’t know how people will come-back when there is no one helping.

this is my problem I sing up yesterday and I did for only one reason to get plug in after when I downloaded it’s not working. please who should I contact with.

That is not a plugin, that is a PSD template - it is in the file name.

And to get support, you have to contact the author of the item (you will find a link on the item description page). This is general forum.

Just for clarity while @LSVRthemes is correct this is not a plugin - there is also no support or updates for items purchased via elements over one of the main marketplaces like graphicriver or themeforest

I I’m sorry I didn’t understand that part. Did you mean I can’t get help so I have to go evanto market to pay it again

Elements downloads do not come with support or item updates in the same way that purchases from the main marketplaces do (they have 6 months support and lifetime updates).

That said your issue is simply that it’s not a plugin so it wouldn’t work with WordPress and unfortunately support wouldn’t be able to do anything about that.