JetElements wont install

I just purchased JetElements addon for elementor and I am getting an error that no plugins were found. I have already downloaded the wordpress files only multiple times making sure to delete the previous downloads and I have cleared the cache on WP and I continue to get the error. I have unzipped the file to be sure there is just the jet elements folder and that is all I see. My version of WP is up to date. Please help as I cannot get my galleries built without this plugin. I was relieved to find it and now I am totally stressed about it not loading.


You can contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you in this issue


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Thank you! I had no idea where support was.

open my posted link you will find it. no worry about it!

Hi @mojavered

From your attached screenshots seems to me you have tried to install the main download zip. Please unzip your main download then there you will find the main plugin zip try to install that zip. Hope you will able to install. Also you can check plugin documentation hope will get documentation in main download zip.


Nope, the only thing in that file is a folder called jet elements, unzipped. The first time I downloaded it from the download link provided by envato, it did include all the files so I went to my order page and there was another place to download files and one of the options is to download WP installer files only. So, that is what I downloaded and tried to upload that as the plugin. Same error. So then I tried unzipping the original file and there were no zip files in it. I had to guess on which file I needed and assumed it was the jet elements folder. So I zipped that and tried uploading and it got the same error.
Thats when I cleared the wp cache, deleted my downloads, went back to my products page, downloaded the wp installer files only and tried again and got the same error. Can you not just send me the right zip file? It seems the downloads provided in products page are right.

have you already installed page builder elementor? because the concern addon will not work without elementor page builde. Otherwise please contact plugin author. plugin author will assist you to fix it. Thanks

Decided to back to my downloads page under my account and downloaded all files and documentation and installable wp files only and file names are exactly the same, though these zip files have different contents. The zip that downloaded with installable wp files only just has the jet elements folder in it. I will try again to install that only after I zip it.

ok, please try. please be noted the addon plugin zip or folder name should not start with codecanyon as I can see in your screenshots. zip should be nearly/fully match with plugin title. Thanks

Oh yeah, I have my site nearly finished thanks to Elementor.
I just installed the jet design kit plugin and that worked.

Then tried the jet elements again and this time the message stated that it was already there.

Checked and sure enough its there. Go figure. Never got a successful install message, just errors, but it looks like it installed anyway.

I wont look a gift horse in the mouse. Now I can build my galleries!!! Thank you!!!

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