A WP Theme zip won't install - even with the Envato WP Plugin...

I have both plugins, the standalone theme installer and the envato plugin where u go to settings and at the bottom has the manual theme uploader.

I got the zip off of envato elements. I t is a DJ looking one called “Domex” - I have a paid account so that is not the issue (I got my key and entered it in the envato WP plugin)

Whenever I try and upload the theme .zip file I get the below error. I did e-mail extensions@envato.com as it says in the error box but got no reply - can someone here help???

The error is as follows: (Debug Details)

“error”: {
“context”: “uploadTemplateKitZipFile”,
“code”: “zip_failure”,
“message”: “Please upload a valid Template Kit zip file”,

Hi, just try the unzip first the zip you’re trying to upload and then upload the zip you’re finding inside it, that should solve your issue. :hugs:

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I am afraid doing that gave me the same error :frowning: It had 3 zips inside the main zip I downloaded, tried them all


To import an Elementor Template Kit, you must not unzip the file. The guide is located here: How to use the Envato Elements WordPress Plugin to Install Elementor Template Kit – Envato Market Help Center

There are several items called “Templates” on Elements and Envato Market. Not all of them are compatible with WordPress or the plugin. Make sure the item has “Elementor Template Kit” in the title or is in the WordPress > Template Kits category.

WordPress themes are installed a different way and do not use our plugin:

“site template” “html template” or software templates like adobe XD etc are not compatible with WordPress.