Error installing thems from envato elements

I´m trying to install several thems from the envato elements, I receive the same error over and over again, what means the thems are missing something. Please review your wordpress thems, I bought the licence to use it. Thank you.

It sounds like you’re getting the infamous “theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” error? If that is the case then you’re simply uploading the wrong file.

The zip files you download from Elements are not the actual theme files. You’ll first need to extract them on your computer and you will find the theme file inside, along with other things like the theme’s documentation and usage guide.


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As for your question, I recommend contacting the Author of the product you purchased for help or support. Below are two articles that may help:

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I reached out the templete owner and he said that thems purchased on evanto elements doens have assistance. The question is, how am i supposed to use something that’s not working?