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Why do not customer service support me? i am wasting time and money with import and export business theme? i can not upload to my wordpress, extracted just only has two parts: 1.buyer, 2. ducumentation, i do not see any inside it and other contents to zip for upload.
please tell how to handle. why do not i receive any email or guidings?

Hello sir,
Which file you purchased, that is not WordPress Theme. it is HTML template and it would not install in your WordPress site.

Thank You,

it is not theme why you are writting themeforest for what, i am not clear
IT a lot. you are cheating me. i’ve lost my money for nothing

I am really sad,angry and unsatisfied the way Theme forest to serve
customer. nobody is online for helpings and advices immediately. Now i’ve
lost my money for dusty things. i do need theme to upload my wordpress. why
before i pay envato do not ask me the purpose to buy that THML template and
someone is online for know everybody is not all clear IT. i
need to transfer to theme wordpress or return money to me

With respect, as is the case with any mass digital downloads marketplace, Envato can’t create a personal shopping experience where they can double check the purpose of buyers projects, what they plan to do, and that the item is suitable.

They do categorise items to define what is a WP theme, a HTML template and so on, and it’s fair to assume and expect that buyers check what they are purchasing is the right choice.

Due to sheer volume of sales and the fact that Envato do not create items sold here - they are not able to support items (that is the author’s responsibility) and nor are they able to help with technical support or installation. All of this is outlined in the terms that authors and buyers agree to on sign up.

You can always find freelancers to hire at however if what you have purchased is not a WP theme then that may not help.

Is what you have purchased definitely a HTML template or non WordPress theme?

If it is an incorrect item you can submit a refund request to support, however mistaken purchase is not grounds for refunds and therefore may not necessarily be successful.

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chalie is un finished template and where author failed to provide any support is ground for refund

i guess not

envato needs to learn from amazon it has the volume you are talking about . they do sell 3rd part items
but they provide good service and experience.

envato really do not care

i am not saying issue refund or make everyone happy.

they do not even get back to you with one day you get 1 email and next email next day and so on

i am dealing with one issue for 4 weeks

With respect we don’t have all the info - if you’ve opened a ticket with support and there is a genuine bug in the item then they will resolve it.