Where is the direct help button to contact Envato concerning my removed credits???

What happened to Envato???

I was not able to use it for several months due to my move from another country into a new one. Now I logon, to start working on my websites by downloading the latest versions.

And I wanted to buy a new license, so I checked my credit balance as I can remember I had around 45$ credit. Well I found them back, Envato took them away from me. Is this the new way in scamming longterm customers? I am member for 3 years now, I pay for a yearly Envato Elements subscription (full package) since membership here and then I get treated like this?

So I made my way to find the direct contact to Envato to get this resolved. But there is no help button, there is no way to contact them directly because of my account issue.

Can anyone help me with this? I cannot imagine Envato would confiscate money from their customers, that money doesn’t belong to them.

So maybe they do that because I was that long inactive? Safeguard it for me till I am back?

Anyone who can help with this please?

The fact that credit expires after a certain time is stated in official terms and that is the same for ALL companies which operate with credits (this is not a bank), however if you get touch with them, they are usually able to retrieve it back for you.

Check out this and you can get in touch with them using a button at the bottom of the article


And how do I get in contact with them, since there is no help button available to get in touch with them???

I wrote that here, if I would be able to contact them, would I write my problem here?

I spent a lot of money on the Envato platform, I still believe it is not customer friendly to take someones hard earned money away, It is not honest and should not even be in question that they just can do that, there is a word for that, I won’t name it and I hope for Envato’s sake they take the right decision in my case not to make me mad…

Calm down please. I am trying to help you.

Open this link and you will find the button at the bottom of the article:

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Hi, I found it, thank you so much for your help, appreciated. :smiley:

I submitted the form and will patiently wait for help.