How can envato have such problem.


I had credit in my account. and since long i was not using it as i had nothing to buy. I have really purchased some good items numbers from envato platform. Now i had need to purchase more so i logged into my envato account and was shocked to see that i have 0 balance. I dont know where my money gone. How problem can occur to envato platform.

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Section 24 of the terms that we all agreed to when becoming a buyer.

You can ask support who may reinstate it but they are not obligated to do so.

Hi Charlie,
Thanks to reply.
So you mean to say that envato is so much hungry of dollars that they grab and run away with justified right of customer and users.
Also i request you that please don’t give me reference of ant terms as if envato is so much genuine and with moral conduct then he should also display this very important condition in large banners on website. Like how they are promoting new $29 scheme of envato element.
At last i will just say that this may be section 24 terms and condition but morally not correct and to elobrate and give public knowledge let me post it on media.
Warm Regards,
Bhavin Patel

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Just to be clear I don’t work for envato.

I don’t know the exact reasons but it’s not about grabbing anything and I am almost certain it’s a legal and/or accounting thing because they are not a bank.

In most cases (not all) they will email to remind people who’s credits are expiring.

It’s also worth noting that this is far from the only marketplace where this happens.

I actually sympathise with your frustration but they can’t banner advertise individual terms and disregard other parts, and with respect it’s not Envato’s job to check buyers read the terms they agree to.

I’d still suggest emailing support in case they can help

Hi Charlie,
I aapretiate your kindness towards envato but to be more focused to my point I want to say that, it is not matter or envato is bank or not. But it is about begin genuine towards customer. Now may it be bank or any other business i have never seen where credit is taken away. Yes there are options of disable or hold credit if there is unactivite of more then certain set time period but which can be activated again by sending support ticket.
And on display condition you dont this is one of the most important terms in comparison to this there is no other terms which is as important as this which is related to grabbing money from pocket of customer. And that has yo be high lighted in special factor on pages like registration, payment, purchase, checkout, balance upload etc.
Coming to my case I have not got any such email where i have been informed.
For your note I have already sent mail to support on very same day when I written here , but to surprise for you still I have got no reply.

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I’m not trying to be kind to anyone - please remember I don’t work for envato.

All I am doing is ponting out that the right or wrong of the policy is irrelevant - you agreed to terms and conditions that stated that this is how things work.

With respect of you don’t agree with it then why would you agree to shop under those terms?

Hopefully support will be able to help you

Just ask support and get money back, it’s not a big deal :slight_smile:

It does say on the page where you buy credits, that they will expire in one year, so it’s not like they’re hiding it away just in the terms. They also send a reminder a week or two before it runs out… it might be worth checking your spam folder if you’ve not seen that email.

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It is now almost 4 to 5 days i have written to support. but no reply… even posted on fb page but no reply… this is not run away then what the fact…

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As i have written this post… same I should now also write update as its duty… that envato has credited balance…

Good stuff!

As far as I know, Envato has the stated written policy, that when you deposit an amount of money (and not earn it through selling an item on their markets), it stays there for a limited period of time. I don’t remember exactly, but I guess maximum 6 months. So you need to buy something, you charge your account and buy it then. Do not leave the “Deposited” cash there for a longer period of time, because the “Deposited cash” goes to 0 in a certain time.

I don’t know why they have this policy but I remember reading about this somewhere. But then again, I never deposited any cash so I don’t know for sure