Where is my Song? I have the Preview now need to License it.

Hey Envato, Where is this song gone? I have the preview and have it in a big project. Been working on this for months and everything has been approved by my client now I just need to license the song. But now the song is no longer able to be found!

Please help me find this song so I can license it ASAP

The song is:

I have tried the number, I have tried the artist and title. No Joy.


Have you tried to contact the author directly through the contact form on his profile page?

Yes, no response yet.


Hi, FITBStudios!

Item can be deleted by Envato if it is violating the copyright or Envato’s rules. Or maybe author just deleted it himself for his own reasons.
However, if you are still looking for music, maybe you can describe what you need so we can suggest you something similar from our portfolios? I have some inspirational tunes and maybe it will suit to your project :slight_smile:

Hi, @FITBStudios! If author of this song didn’t response you, maybe it’s good solution is to try find something similar or contact other authors who working in same style. Maybe some of them can create similar item to your reference.
Best regards!

Hi, @FITBStudios! Not this track by accident? https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiration/19315702?s_rank=8


###Tip: How to ID a track by the number in the preview file name:

  • Copy the number from the filename, e.g. “19315702”
  • Paste this URL (note the structure) into your browser: http://audiojungle.net/item/XXXXX
  • Add the number to the end of the URL so you get this: http://audiojungle.net/item/XXXXX/19315702
  • Note that “XXXXX” can be anything you want
  • Voila! You found your track.
  • Note that while some authors change the name of their track, the ID number in the URL will never change
  • Also note that, if the link does not work, then the item may have been temporarily or permanently removed by either the author or Envato.

We’d love to see your finished project in Made With Envato btw. Hope the project goes/went well! :slight_smile:


Yes that’s it thank you. I have been in touch with the creator and it had
to be reuploaded to Envato. It just became live. Thanks for helping!


Thanks for this. I was unable to find it because the creator deleted it.
They have since re uploaded it to Envato and I am back on track.

Thank you.