Find again demo-song downloaded

I downloaded a demo song (with “AudioJungle” speech on it) some days ago,
and I would like to buy it,
but… I don’t be able to find it again…
could you help me ?

Hi, @raoulgendroz!

Please provide the preview track, upload it to Soundcloud or to other platforms. We will try to find it for you but we can’t help without hearing that demo. :slight_smile:


Hi @HoneyLoud,
thanks for your reply,
here is the file:
thanks in advance for your help!
With musicals regards .-)

Hi again, @raoulgendroz

I’ve put some effort to find this track with the help of its characteristics: 5 versions, 120 bpm, preview track length: 6:02.

These results came:

How you see, this track is not within these results. Maybe the author just deleted this release. If you have the name of the author, try to send him a message, or you could try to search for a similar track.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hey Raoul, here’s your track:

Hey @HoneyLoud, When you refine the search by length, the search engine only takes into account the duration of the main version of the track, not the entire length of the preview. :slight_smile:

Ohh woow, thanks @criskcracker, you are amazing! Then sorry, @raoulgendroz it was my fault. Here we can learn new things day by day! :slight_smile:

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There can’t be any fault in trying to help somebody. :slight_smile:


Just for your info in the future, when you download the preview track from Audio Jungle, the mp3 file name has a long number at the front. In this case it was 29315234. It’s kind of a track id number. To find the track again later you can just search that number directly in the AJ search engine and it will take you directly to it. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

thanks a lot for your help @criskcracker and @HoneyLoud!

that’s it!

I find back in my download files, and also see a famous number in the download url