Find musics from preview link

Dear friends need yours help.

I have the preview link of audiojungle’s musics. Want to purchase them but i don’t know how to fint their pages for purchase.


here is the preview links for musics

Thanks in advance

Put the number in the preview file that you downloaded in the search box in AJ.
Or use any track in AJ, change the number in the url for the number in the preview files you downloaded.

Hi @AcademyFilms !

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i tryed but it isnt finding the item

make the link like this

even i tryed to find it by id but its says “page not found”

I’m not at home so I cant explain it better (in the beach, smartphone)
If this afternoon you haven’t find them I will try to explain it well.
In other hand, Sherlock @CleanMagicAudio Holmes is doing a very good job find them. :blush:


thank you veeeeery much i will reply if cant ind them.
its really very important for me because i make movie and now there isnt the links of that musics (((

thank you once again ))

thank you veery much!! really you find them ?? ))
pleaseeeee send anything what you finded ))

thanks. You really help me )

thanks a lot of. if we can find the another files too so mo boss will save my life too :smiley:

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You are doing Really MAGIC )) :+1::+1::+1:

Anyway thank you VERRRRRRRY MUCH.:blush::blush::blush:

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i find something like in 5 but this is the a little bit different

I think that too ))

I write them and waiting for answer (this is my second account the firs says what i have limit for reply ) )

Thanks :blush:

Dear friends please someone help to find the music in the firs comment (track N4, with 3min duration)

Thanks in advance

Put the number of the preview here, so i can try to find it, please.

What happen with all the message posted here¿? They are deleted. :thinking:

I dont know why they are deleted but people helps me to find 6/7 and the last one i purchase another track.
Anyway thank you for ready to help me )


Hi @AcademyFilms , yes, I deleted the messages where I found these tracks for you, I wanted to group them into one message that I left first. Well, I think it does not matter, you still have them all downloaded already and saved the links, I think… Now, as I see it, the search by track number works, if you know the number of the fourth track (it should be indicated in the preview file), then you can find it. Do you have track preview number?

Dear friends

Thanks to all who helped and want to help.
I purchase all musics which we finded (instead of the last one which we didn’t find i purchased something similar to that.).
At totally i purchased 26 difference audio files )) and with that i finish my work.

So thanks to all once again

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