Help find song: Downloaded a preview and can't find the original track for purchase

Long story short, the “preview.mp3” file has no identifying information whatsoever, other than the audible “audio jungle” spoken throughout the recording. Also, I failed to add the track to my favorites when I originally downloaded it. The track is exactly 2 minutes long. I’ve searched high and low for the original music, but I can’t find it.

I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me find it!


I uploaded your preview to Soundizer and thee was a match. It looks like the track was called Persian Sands by Mjollnir, unfortunately the tack is no longer available at AJ. As the track was removed I was not able to confirm this was the right one indeed, but usually Soundizer knows its stuff.

Maybe you can contact the author and ask him about it.

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Many thanks! is an awesome resource!

Hi guys,

im having trouble finding my real track from downloaded preview. How can i find it? this is the song, but when i put the number or all of the below, the audiojungle search engine just wont do.


Can anyone help? i really do appreciate it.

Thanks guys…


Unfortunately, the track is no longer available on Audiojungle. You can try contacting the author, but as they no longer have a portfolio on here, there’s no guarantee they’ll respond.

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Yeah, i’m trying to get through the author via email. Let’s see. Thanks a
lot Man…

Hi saw this post and i have the same problem.
I’ve downloaded few times ago a track which was saved as envato.mp3 and without Soundizer i cannot find the original track. there’s any chance to resolve this ?
Thanks for your effort on this issue.

Hi there,

You can have a look at the mp3 metadata to see if the author put some info there. You can also upload it somewhere and put a link here, maybe someone will recognize it.

and thanks for your fast reply.
here’s the link with the song:

i’ve tried dragging the .mp3 in text app without finding metadata .
hope anyone could help
Thanks again for your effort!

Didn’t know you could do that. Alternatiively, you can right click the mp3 file and see properties or details.

Anyway, the track is really old, as the “envato” watermark hasn’t been in use in over seven years. Don’t know it unfortunately.

Not sure if I should start a new topic or try posting here, but I have the same problem.

I tried searching on number, on length, name, … The file just doesn’t show up on AudioJungle.
Soundizer doesn’t seem to be working either.

I uploaded the song to soundcloud:

This is all the info I got from properties:
Name: Deep House
Duration: 03:09
Audio Channels: 2

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I’ve the same problem.
I need to find this song:


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