I downloaded a song preview and can't find the song again

Hi Friends.

I have edited a whole video to a song that I can’t remember the name to to purchase. I have to purchase this song. I don’t believe it was deleted from AJ, I just don’t have the name for it.

Anyone figure out how to find a song with only the music only?

LINK TO SONG: https://www.dropbox.com/s/blzzuvlhb6wf5vf/preview%202.mp3?dl=0

Thank you!

What is the name of the MP3 preview file that you downloaded?

Thank you for your question. I can’t find that name or preview number. Just have the song itself.

What video editing software are you using?

Adobe Premiere - I looked in Metadata but only has name I gave it. PREVIEW.3

Hmm tricky one. Do you have a google drive account?

Would you like to hear the song? “Hear” it is… .

Maybe if I can find the correct description / genre type of the song, I can search. I tried with no success so far.

Sorry wont let me post again. I put in dropbox and it is in the above thread.

Ahh ok, If you can DM me the link to the file, I’ll post it for you here publicly. The link you posted doesn’t play.

Just messaged you. TY

Here’s the preview file for @djsolo14 's missing AJ track. Hopefully someone can find it for you.

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Thank you for posting this… I’d be so thankful is someone could help me.

How in the world…

THANK YOU! How did you figure this out?

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Tough one indeed! @criskcracker, how did you, mate? Tempo? Orchestration?

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Nice @criskcracker

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Happy to help @djsolo14
To find it, I opened up the mp3 in Sound Forge so I could see what the waveform looks like, then I narrowed the search by the duration of the first version (between 1:41 and 1:46) and the bpm, put in a few appropriate keywords and scanned through the results in the cinematic category. Luckily this track has 5 versions, which is quite rare, so I could eliminate most of the results straight off the bat.



Can’t thank you enough… You’re a wizard! You went out of your way for someone you did not know, and I’m thankful for your help. I would of been in a lot of trouble without you.

Yes,I listened to a bunch of your tracks. Top notch… I can hear you are a classically trained pianist. Lovely work…

Thank you again to you and anyone else on the forum who helps out complete strangers. It’s hard to communicate how much it matters.

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