How to find the audio file when you only have a link to the preview ?

my customer has selected this audio file from the library.

How do I find this file to license it and download it ? Searching using the file ID, 145697891, gave no results. Envato support is extremely slow and inefficient. Where do I go to get help?

(I have seen a discussion saying use, but that only installs chrome extensions … , so was not helpful

Soundizer was decommissioned years ago, and nothing was developed to take its place. Envato support should be able to find it for you though.

Hi @MH73!

I made a free tool that can (usually) find tracks with the preview ID (145697891) and it was able to find your track:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Envato support ? does that exist ?
I emailed them twice in 3 days and got no help whatsoever.

Thank God there are still people like you out there.
Thank you very much.


Totally forgot Enseek could do that. Sorry about that!

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