where is my item?

my product is not in my items and it has not been rejected!
where is my product?
can anybody help me?

If it has been checked by Envato already: See “Hidden items”. If it’s not there, it’s rejected.


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it wan not in hidden items section!
then how should we know what the rejection reason is?
do you have any experience ?

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yes, that is why i did not receive any email

thanks for your help

is there a way to find what the latest product published error was?

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Blux – Crypto, ICO, Coins and Cryptocurrency RTL HTML Website Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

what’s wrong with this product?

Needs to be in English - this won’t have even been reviewed properly

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do you mean both ltr & rtl version should be available in my product?

LTR is required. RTL is optional.

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thanks for your kindness
good luck