My enavto product disappeared


I upload a product 3 days ago and started waiting for it to be approved. But when I log in to the dashboard, I cannot see the status of the product I loaded and the product is not there. I checked all my mail folders but no mail came.

How can I find out the status of the product I uploaded?

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Hi @SetCodeDigital,

If you didn’t receive the Item review notification email (you should to check spam/junk as well), then check your email settings (Settings => Email Settings) in Envato market Dashboard Settings, is there a check mark for Item review notifications.

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


Hello @mgscoder

I activated the mail option, as I said, no mail came to my mail.

Since I have just activated the mail notification option, it will not come again, is there an area that I can check manually?

Can I Get Feedback For My Hard Rejected Item?

  • Unfortunately, Envato Quality and Help Teams are not able to provide feedback/critique or advice for Hard Rejected items.

If soft rejected then check your Dashboard ‘Hidden Items’ tab. If your item exists in the ‘Hidden Items’ tab click on that item then check History Tab, there you will get the issue you have to fix.

The theme I uploaded was in Turkish, so it might have been rejected?

Does the theme have to be entirely in English?

yes, Item should be in English language. but you can add translations for other languages.

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Thanks for your help, I will change my theme to English.

You can always share your demo link on these forums if you want feedback pre submission