No indicator about my item neither approved nor rejected

Hello all,
I uploaded an HTML item and on the 6th day in the queue for the review phase, It just disappeared from my dashboard with no indicator that was approved or rejected.
also, I checked my email [ both inbox and junk folders ], and no messages from ThemeForest telling me if it was approved or rejected.
Is that a normal situation? and What should I expect now?

Please check the demo link: and give your feedback.

Thank you all.

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The same just happened to me. I am new to codecanyon and after a soft-reject I’ve made asked changes and re-submit. The day after my item disappeared. I’ve received an e-mail with soft-reject message ( another one I guess, but not sure since I did not receive the previous one).

I was about to post something when I found your post. I’m following to see if we can get any help.

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Hope someone guides us here
good luck

Have you checked your email settings?

(Settings => Email Settings) in envato market Dashboard Settings, is there a check mark for all necessary email notifications?

You can always share demo links here for feedback in the interim

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Thank you @charlie4282 for your helpful response.
Now I updated my email settings to receive email notifications.
I don’t know if this will take action from the next item Upload or it’s invoked immediately?

Now, is there any way to know what happened to my item?
demo link:
Thank you @charlie4282 again

@squalonero You may be interested in this reply.

It will be moving forward and not impact retrospectively

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Then I must expect it was rejected?
Still need your opinion on the item.
demo link:

IMHO it was hard rejected, sorry to say.