theme acceptance status

I sent the theme 8 days ago. My template in the queue had disappeared. I can’t see it in hidden tab either. There was no response because I had missing my mail settings. Can you show me a way?

Hi @metadesignbureau,

If you didn’t receive the Item review notification email (you should to check spam/junk as well), then check your email settings (Settings => Email Settings) in Envato market Dashboard Settings, is there a check mark for Item review notifications.

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


Unfortunately, It was not checked mark for Item review notifications.Is there any way I can get the mail again? I don’t want to wait 8 days again. Very happy if you help.

unfortunately not. But the item not in your Hidden Item page then it got hard reject. Hard reject occurred when the item don’t meet the quality standard and in email the reviewer mention the item got rejected because of quality standard.

Thanks for the answer.

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