How to get information about theme approved or not

How I know my theme approved or not??

Hi @mayurkumbhani5,

If your item got approved then you will get a notification email into your inbox (your envato account email address) to let you know that your item got approved and you will find your approved item in your Portfolio page.

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.

How will I know if my Item has been Soft or Hard Rejected?
At each stage of the review process, you will receive an email updating you on the status of your submission. The email will outline if the item has been Soft or Hard Rejected .

  • View the status of your submission via the email sent to you by the Quality Team.
  • If the email subject line contains “Needs Improvement”, your item has been Soft Rejected.
  • If the email subject line contains “Rejected”, your item has been Hard Rejected.


how many time i get mail about theme approve or reject?

You will get email each time your Item will get review (hard/soft reject or approve).

In how much time I will get mail. means within a week ??

You will get email immediately when your Item will get review.

check your email settings (Settings => Email Settings) in Envato market Dashboard Settings, is there a check mark for Item review notifications.

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


if item review not checkmark and now i make it checkmarked now i get mail or not. if not getting what i can do?

You will get email from your next submit.

what is the show hidden item in our profile??

please give me reply…

Check your Dashboard you will find a Tab named ‘Hidden Items’. If any of your item get soft rejected then you will find the item in ‘Hidden Items’ page. From ‘Hidden Items’ page you will be able to edit your item to fix the issues mentioned by envato reviewer.