Where is my product?

I uploaded my flutter product and it was queued for two days. Suddenly the message disappeared. I don’t know whether it’s accepted or not. Where can I find?

Hi @curiosuki,

If you can’t see your Item in your Dashboard and ‘Hidden Items’ tab page then your Item has reviewed and got hard rejected. You must should receive email of the review result (if not Unchecked the ‘Item review notifications’ in your Settings => Email Settings):

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


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First of all, thank you for help. I checked dashboard and hidden items.
There is no my product in both. And I’ve not received any Email from Envato.
I guess that’s because the ‘Item review notifications’ is unchecked.

After reading your message, I checked the ‘Item review notifications’.

If my project got hard rejected and I haven’t received any Email, what should I do from now?

I mean I don’t know what problem caused the rejection.
(I guess my project is nothing wrong)

Thank you in advance.

From your next submit you will receive review result notification email. If soft reject you will get a list what you need to change/update.

Can I Get Feedback For My Hard Rejected Item?

  • Unfortunately, Envato Quality and Help Teams are not able to provide feedback/critique or advice for Hard Rejected items.
  • Envato know it can be frustrating to have a submission rejected and hope that you won’t be discouraged.
  • Envato encourage you to take advantage of the many talented and helpful community members who choose to provide constructive feedback on Envato forums.
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