Where are all customers from China?

It might be unique only to our case, but I don’t see much customer from China here, maybe < ~1% from total number of our all buyers (but not really sure if they are in fact based in China or not, as it is easy to change country in settings).

Do envato marketplaces are accessible from China? or there are some sort of restrictions that we need to be aware of?

The reason for asking is, some of the cloud vendors (our products specializes on cloud solutions) release unique and interesting features available for Chinese speakers, no other languages can benefit from that as they simply will not be supported for these features, hence if envato is not available in China, does not make much sense to invest our time for integrating those features.

But frankly speaking I have no clue where and if Envato has any restrictions from country wise.

Not for China.

The thing that you don’t know about Chine/Chinese, they do the business with each other. Technically, the money stays with them. This could be your answer.

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Very likely you will find a clone of your theme in some chinese site selling / even claiming as orignal. We are facing same thing, can’t do anything about it.