Does codecanyon restrict clients from any country.

A person recently reached out to me showing interest in buying my item, but raised a concern that their card is not being accepted and that Codecanyon restricts their country.

They proposed me to send me payment as crypto and I create an account and make purchase on their behalf?

Is this some kind of scam? Have anyone had such an experience?

And even if it is not scam, is it ethical to get involved in such a transaction as an author?

Advices required.

Envato restricts these countries

But regardless what they are asking you to do is illegal and breaches envato’s policy and licensing so don’t touch it.

If they have issues then they need to talk to support themselves Envato Market Help and Support


The person is from Iraq and I don’t see Iraq in the list of restricted countries. Guess I need to ask them to resolve it themselves via support.

If it’s their card that’s being declined etc then that’s different but again at most it might be something they need to talk to support about but it is 100% not your place to get involved.

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Makes sense. Had a conversation with support team, Iraq also falls in restricted regions. Can’t risk my account for a client. Thanks for the help though.