Support in Envato

Hi guys im a member for some time but first time im using forum.
For some reason support is not working and i cant send an email about a charge in my credit card that i dont know what it is from Envato.
Can i see somewhere in the account all the charges and what is about ?


There is no charge for sending a support ticket to Envato. Please make sure you’re using our support ticket area here -

Envato Help and Support


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Im providing all info , but cant submit for some reason…

That’s very strange. Are you getting an error message when you use the link I provided above?

No error , just pressing button nothing happens.
Forgive my bad english btw .

Maybe try a different browser or use incognito mode? Perhaps you have a browser plugin that is blocking your ability to submit? Or maybe use your phone to send a support ticket?


Hi, also check the paragraphs, could you pop-up the list of prohibited countries that may not be available for Envato.
I don’t remember the link to the list for those countries that do not have access to Envato markets, if I find it I will give it to you.
Also check if you choose “captcha”!

Edit: I Found, here. Check out the list of countries without access to Envato (for today).

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