Is AJ blocked in China?

I was wondering if AJ is actually blocked in China. My suspicions arose after I was trying some different domains in one of those websites that test and tell if any particular website is blocked in Mainland China. Whilst there was no problem with the domain, it looked like the domain does not work.
So is there anybody living in Mainland China here that can clarify if works there without the need of using a VPN?

I don’t think so. I have a sale from China.

China is alive and well as I just sold a music pack with a 1 million broadcast license. Thank you China.


I do get a fair amount of sales from China as well… But, it does not anwser the question if people from mainland China are buying and browsing here with a VPN turned on or off. Im curious as well.

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That doesn’t mean AJ isn’t blocked in China.

AudioJungle is in fact blocked in China. 70% of western sites are blocked in China. No Youtube. No Google. No Facebook.

They do, however, as others have already stated, use VPNs. Without the ban, maybe China would beat the US in terms of sales.

Hi ,We are a Chinese team, I can visit AJ in China without VPN


I don’t believe that… I just sold one track to China… :slight_smile:
by the way… thank you :smiley:

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Yeah, me too.

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I visited China and All Envato site you can visit. Same goes for other stocksites. Its just that there are other asian stock sites within China and they use more their own chinese stock sites. Like food service Deliveroo, they have their own version for food delivery. Its hard to compete with Chinese sites, because most people in China don’t speak English. From my own experience Chinese people don’t often visit western sites and most western sites are blocked. So in the end most people think that almost all western sites in China are blocked, which is kinda true. From my own point of view yes you can promote in China, but don’t expect you can win against other sites in China.

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Yes, you are right. There are so many sites are blocked in China, but not all. We can’t visit some famous sites like facebook, tweeter ,youtube,google(almost all of google sons)without vpn. But other sites ? others I don’t know, because I just care about these sites.

In China, people don’t know vpn, and just engineer use vpn for work . Why the world famous company can’t do it best in China, I think the reason is not about this, because they don’t know China, and Chinese and culture. So uber,facebook,airbnb,google,amzon … can not do well in China.

Certainly, Apple is very successful in China

:rofl: Forgive me for my broken English


I wish Twitter was blocked in America…


I’ve had sales from China too.

No, sold a $49 to an ad agency Shanghai Moyi Advertising Co., Ltd. today. But oh boy does envato need to court the Chinese and open up that 1 Billion person market. If they truly open up…sales can really take off. I have sold to China a few times before. It would be nice to see the Russians spending more! LOL!

According to Alexa China is on 2nd place by visitors on AJ.

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China has always been an excellent buyer for me every month.


A sale from China an hour ago.

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Why don’t use proxy? Ot tor? China is fantastic market but have internet restrictions from goverment.

Yes , China is a large market, but I think envato can’t open the market in China . Because China has many website like envato!

Which other websites in China?