where am I making a mistake

Hi.I get the same mail every time I upload my project. Where am I making a mistake? please help me with this.I received the same e-mail in all the projects I have done before. Thanks a lot

preview of my project:


Hi. I think Videohive has many others brush openers, that could be one reason. Another could be that motion is not really smooth as I guess it should be, brushes open too hard to me, they could be more soft with nice transitions between them and maybe adding some small details to give more visual depth to the project, I see the screen too empty around brushes and photos. Anyway, it´s just my opinion, maybe other authors can bring some more ideas about your project.
These are two examples that look nice, at least to me:

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All scenes have the same animation. They all have the same slowing zoom out. It starts to get boring already in the third photo. Try to make animation of each scene more diverse. And I’d add some design elements to the background, so that it would seems more interesting

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