My First Item Failed. Tell newbie why his wrong please

I have created my first project for sale on videohive. First time I have uploaded like AE template so that has ae project. But item was rejected: Unfortunately your submission 20 Animated Wings isn’t ready for VideoHive and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.
Then I`ve uploaded as animated element with ae project included, but it has the same result.
Tell me please colleguas what I do wrong?

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I think you did a great job on this one :wink:
But maybe reviewer thought that it’s to simple or basic.
Or he just had a bad day

Wow i cant believe this was not accepted! Who the hell rejected this? Anyway, here’s my advice. While the actual project looks great, you can do some things about presentation video. First of all, the blue gradient background would be better replaced by a more neutral blue SOLID color (no gradient), keeping it flat and clean. Second, it would be easier to place all 20 animations on the screen and show them at the same time, instead of one by one (that takes too much time and you might lose the viewer’s attention).
After about a 5-10 sec scene where you show all 20 animations, move directly through examples. Now here is where you “close the sale”. Your examples towards the end were good, but what you should really do is show your wings animation and how it works with logos (definitely use an example with the envato logo,people love that). Then you can show them how it works in product placement ads, maybe something like footage of a smartphone and how it can grow wings, show them how they worked with real life tracked objects, and all kinds of stuff you can think of.

Again, the project is good, and SHOULD be on the marketplace (unless there are other projects that do the same thing, i haven’t checked). The problem is you have to show direct applications of your project in the preview, that should be your main focus. How it works with real footage (with tracked objects), logos, text, etc. Good luck!

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I Really like those animations you have +1 from me!

I agree that the presentation in the preview leaves a little to be desired, but the wing animations themselves are great work. How useful they are on their own is another question, but I can imagine many an After Effects freelancer being able to find a use for them.

Assuming this work is original, and considering the time you’ve clearly put into it, I would say that you are at least owed a proper explanation from the reviewer of why he/she rejected your work. It looks to me like good, well thought out animation work that doesn’t shy away from a bit of effort and complexity. You’ve clearly taken your time over it.

I really would contact support and request a proper answer. Keep us posted in this thread.

Incidentally, one of the top 10 selling items on Videohive overall (from another author with a monkey themed user ID) was initially rejected. It came to the forums, where people couldn’t believe it. The decision was appealed, it has since sold over 5000 times and made Envato several tens of thousands of $. Reviewers can be wrong. :smile:


Thanks to ALL! Unfortunately , I also do not understand the reasons

You have done a great job. I cound’t understand why they rejected this as it is unique. I can’t understand their process of rejection.

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Had some questions about the project structure,customization and alpha channel,but they were answered in the second half of the preview.

Nice project,strange rejection.

But second time I uploaded this like motion elements. Each element has own ae project.

There is a lot to say that one should make a more minimal project. If and when the project is accepted, then build on the project if it sells well.

There is always a tendency to build these monster projects that cover all eventualities, but maybe that’s not the right approach.

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You think I must upload PNG sequence only? I would position the ae project like a bonus

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These are your options I think.

• Try and find out from support why it got rejected and try to resubmit.
• Make a higher end preview that maybe shows a bit more how you could use them.
• Upload it instead as a set of motion graphic files with alpha. Maybe later with bonus aep
• Use it as part of a bigger project… as part of a complete motion graphic piece based around wings.
• Sell it elsewhere
• Give it (or parts of it) away to promote your other items.
• Park it and move on. Who knows what you might do with it in the future?


Thanks a lot!

WOW! I did it!
Welcome :smiley:

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Your work is great, but i think the presentation is little poor, also all wings are similar so you must try to include different elements with same style.


Hey congrats! Good to see it’s on the site now :slight_smile:

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