What's wrong with my animation? Need advice.

Hello, my name is Aleksandr. I’m an author on videohive and today my project has been rejected :slight_smile:
So here is the project:

Reviewer just wrote:
I’m afraid this one’s just a bit too simple to be accepted at this time. The end result is very clean and well designed. But the reveal and animation part is lacking a bit.

Sorry, but what’s wrong with my animation? Yes, it is simple. But it is not an MTV Opener or Happy Family Photo Album. It is a severe project for severe companies. And I’m the author of the project, and I want such easy animation because it is easy to read, to perceive. It looks rich in my mind. That is why I do some.

Now I don’t know what to do. I think the project is completely done. What you fellows can advise me? Is the reject some sort a mistake?

Good project, upload this project to other sites, and there will be sales not worse than “videohive”, this is my practice. I would say that for the mistakes in this project, But considering that take on “videohive”, there are no mistakes here.