Reject, please tell me where the errors?.

Worked on this project for over a year(I am mulling over the idea),
I wanted to do something new on VideoHive, but I received a rejection, deservedly? And I am a new author. Project do not violate copyright,and structured and simply adjusted. This is my first project, but I am more 2 years on videohive(I watch for trends novelties). No plug-ins.

Is it just a moving 3D camera with images organised in a square, or does it also generate those text based images within the square? It’s hard to tell what exactly it is that the template does.

You can insert any your text,any font, in 8 text placeholders, have video tutorial, I showed how to do it с 1:58

I think you have to animate this lines of words. A whole picture is static. I think this is main “problem”

Thanks for the advice, great idea, I’ll try to do it,but it seems will not help,I think so… :slight_smile:

I will be glad to new advice, to fix everything at once . Thank you .