Rejected project! What I have to work on? Review please
Just thought about making promos, didn’t see a lot of them for commercial fir children not just slideshow.
Is it too simple, too small, or maybe not good because doesn’t fit for different purposes? What do you think?
And how to add video here not just a link?

Hi. I think it´s too simple if you take into consideration these kind of projects. I guess it needs more work around details on screen and the way you show the pictures. My wife is a kinder teacher and she makes a lot of these videos but with very simple softwares, if you are using After Effects you have many more possibilities to make it much much better than this. I like your work but maybe all you have to do is making it more elaborated.
I hope this helps.
Keep working and good luck! :+1:

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Thank you for your review, yes I am a minimalist), the posibilites of program are good not for all purposes, the point is when I work with customers they don’t like too much design, they tell they have much more sales with something simplier, so I’ve just tryed to make a ready solution for commercial, but I guess that’s not what videohive appreciates, just wanted to understand if that’s really what the problem is.

I guess it´s just like that. Videohive is like one of your customers but with different requirements. That´s why I said I like your work but I gave my point of view thinking about Videohive style and approved works from other authors here.

I got it, thank you:blush::pray: