When I subscribe to envato ,I hope I won't pay again for downloads

Please I want to subscribe now an this is my first time please after I subscribe I hope if I wanna download any plugin or themes I won’t be ask to pay for its .
Because I don’t wanna waste my money.

There’s no subscription on the general marketplaces - purchase is for a lifetime access (as long as the item is for sale on envato).

Envato Elements is the only subscription - that is a selection of items and based solely on a subscription model

So when I subscribe ,I can download as many themes and plugins as i wish to without paying a dime before its expires

Assuming you mean https://elements.envato.com/ then sort of.

  1. It’s ONLY items for sale on elements and not the entire market;ace

  2. you MUST use hm during the time you are subscribed. i.e. you can;t subscribe for 1 month download thousands of items and then store them to use in the future having cancelled your subscription

  3. If you want WP themes or plugins then you MUST sign up for 1 year not monthly

  4. Support and upgrades are NOT automatically included as with purchases from the main marketplaces.

So sorry for disturbing
So you mean I can only download a few item after I subscribe without paying

The only items available to download when subscribing are those for sale on https://elements.envato.com/ not all of the ones on www.themeforest.net or www.graphicriver.net.

You can have any item on any marketplace but you would be paying individually for those and not subscribing.