No option to download = new uyser

Hi just signed up. Am signed in but I cant dowload anything without having to pay.

Sorry signed up for the monthly subscription.

You are looking at the envato elements items and not the main marketplace right?

So Ive signed up via the Themeforest site direct link, it has taken me to envato signup page for monthly subscriptions. I have signed up and paid, yet I cannot access any of the Themforest Wordpress themes?

If you have paid for the Elements subscription, you can download only from Elements website, not ThemeForest.

You can download any of the files from the elements collecions

WordPress themes are not currently available on envato elements (yet).

The link to subscribe takes user to the “elements” area and i is only possible to subscribe on that site

Very misleading considering it displays on the same page. The quality of the images are very good though. But my subscription wont be continuing unfortunately.

To further clarify it for you:

Envato Elements does not give you access to marketplace items, only items at - the banner is a bit misleading and you’re far from the first to get confused about this. You can try requesting a refund as long as you don’t download anything from the elements website.

If you want a WP theme right now you must pay the full price per license for the theme(s) you want.