When are Elements payments made? When are statistics updated?

Hello, I was accepted to elements last month and published my products. Now when I go to Envato Elements there is still last month’s data and CONTRIBUTOR BONUS shows as zero. When is this data updated and when did I start seeing this month’s data. Also, when are the payments made?

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Payments on day 16.
Earning updates usually takes 9-11 days at the beginning each month.


Thank you sow much

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Although Elements was accepted in august, the stats show it as july. What is the reason of this?

It always have been like that, there is a month of delay (and some days) to calculate.

I got it, but it felt weird that the statistics showed July even though I was accepted in August.

I have a question again, we are in September now. My statistics show July and August. For August, the earnings are shown until the 4th day. On the payment day, only my July payments will be made or will the August payment be made as well? The way Elements works really confused me.

Statistics for July show all downloads from people who subscribed in July… not downloads made in July. So if somebody subscribes on the 15th of July, anything they download from the 15th of July to the 14th of August would show in July’s results.

Ok. I get it now. So if the payments are made on the 16th day, is it the total balance on this day? It will be based.

No, cutoff is the last day of the month like on the marketplaces. So July’s earnings are paid middle of September (as people who subscribe at the end of July will have downloads up to the end of August)

I get it then I will only take the July earnings this month. August is the next month, I got it right, right?

Envato market payments are made on the 15th of each month. For Envato elements, the friend above said 16.

So in this case right now my elements earnings stats have the months of July and August. Then on September 16, I will receive the payment of the July earnings, right?



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Thank you