earning report at envato element not published yet

anyone receive update on earning report for the month of august at envato element ?



Please check your elements Dashboard. You will find:

  1. Earnings reports will be updated in your dashboard on the 16th (AEST) but I think you will be able to see the earning report back 2 months from the current month.

When will my first day of earnings become available?

Envato aim to publish your first earnings amount by the 6th business day of the month

Understanding Earnings on Envato Elements:


thank you for your replay. I just want to clear my understanding that as per with envato articles - earning reports for the month ( ie august) will be publish by the 6th business day. am i right ?

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can’t open the page

I can see the page content, click here:

You might not be the part of envato elements forum branch, in short: report is delayed it will be live early next week

thank you for sharing message with me and this is very helpful . How can I be part of the forum brach ?

You need to fill this form to join :point_down: