when add full balance in my account ?

Please help me

I’ve never seen that before. Unless I’ mistaken, there should only be four reasons why the middle box is less than the box on the right…

  1. Withdrawals. But those are May’s earnings and the withdrawal won’t be until June. Should only make a difference if you’re earnings tens of thousands a week for express withdrawals.

  2. Taxes. But there’s no tax rate that would subtract that much of an amount. If it was 100 and something left, maybe, but not 90% or so of your earnings.

  3. Shopping. Have you been buying stuff?

  4. Reversals. That would be a lot of reversals, but I guess a few extended licenses could account for that… or if the majority of those sales was to one buyer who then made a reversal.

If it’s none of the above then you’ll be best getting in touch with support to see what’s going on. Although the most likely reason would probably be an unfortunate combination of taxes, spending and reversals.

recently i place $112.00 for withdrawals.
but in pending balance is 110 something . maybe problem in tax
but am not in US persona