Less money than yesterday after todays sale?

So my balance is 173$ after todays sale and it was 177$ yesterday. What is going on?

Check your statement, it was probably a sale reversal.

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Thank you but there is nothing like that in my statement. Is there someone I can contact about this?

Open a Help ticket here: http://enva.to/Help

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Thank you allenherbert. I just sent one.

Dont be upset! Money does not just disappear from the balance, you were rightly told, there was a turn for some return!

It’s normal
You just have the balance from the last 30 days.
if today is 8 january 2018, you have the balance from 8 december 2017
tomorrow you will have the balance from 9 december 2017 to 9 january 2018… maybe this day you had no sales… and you will have your balance a little bit down.
the balance only counts from the last 30 days.


That’s only if he’s looking at the Earnings box on the statement page. Your actual balance never reduces, unless you have a refund, a reversal, you buy something, or you withdraw your money.


Then I should be able to see those changes in my statement, right?


I do not see your balance … This is my assumption, either you bought something, or you had a return sale.