What's you internet speed in Download/Upload?

Hi everyone!

I have a really slow Internet connection in Northern Italy and I’m wondering what’s the Internet speed worldwide.

I’m thinking to go by satellite and not use anyone ADSL wired since I’ve changed many providers, upgraded to their “best of” and still no “speed” here. To Upload an item to of 60/100 MB it just takes too long.

Here is my Internet “speed”:
Ping 37 - 60 ms
7-12 MB Download
0.50 - 0.70 MB Upload :scream:

It’s working a little bit slower, it should be 50/5 :smile:

download 1Mb/s
upload 0.1Mb/s :sweat:


Not the worst

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Italy is simply retarded when it comes to the Internet. There’s no way putting it softer. (And yes, I live here as well.)

Haha, that was the reason PewDiePie didn’t stay there and moved to England.

Transylvania (Romania) it is one of the countries with the highest internet speed . This is my speed with WI-FI on Mac Book Pro . Also just in Frankfurt (Germany) I had higher speeds. But for this speed price per month (unlimited trafic at this speed) is only 59 RON ( 11.08 Euro ) .


Still a good speed!

Voxyde; thezoc;
Well this could be easily considerated a miracle in Italy. No one ever will see this transfer in Italy in this era (500 MB and 25 in upload). Extraterestrial Speed, I can’t believe this :slight_smile:

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Internet in Romania is very good because in the early 2000s people began to make fiber optic networks neighborhood. These networks had between 2,000 and 10,000 people. But it was well created. Later came big companies like RCS & RDS, T-Mobile, UPC … and bought this infrastructures from their admins . Large companies have unified these small networks, in metropolitan networks with incredible performances .

Update (Romanian Joke) : In the villages you will find 1GB/s internet but you will not find paved roads. :slight_smile:

So show up until 3 years ago fiber optic networks in Romania before being moved underground:
All the pillars were like in the pictures below:

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So, if Internet speed is so fast, you never see a “loader” right? :hourglass_flowing_sand:


:smile: Right.

0.5mb up, 7.2mb down :slight_smile:

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100/100 here, and on the mobile network around 40-50/15 depending on where.

Specify country please, I must see where I could move in :slight_smile:

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@Xylote I connected the cable from wi-fi router with my Mac and I have 980 MBs / 110MBs . Please do not cry. :smile:

That’s just mean !!!

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@thezoc Please just use Wi-fi, using cable may seriously warm your computer :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Xylote,

which region do you live in ?

That’s not the worst speed you can get in Italy, even tho the ping is a lil bit high.

Unless you live in a big city and you can afford the 100mb with the optical fibre you won’t get higher speeds

and lower pings with the 20mb.

Going satellite won’t help you, some friends of mine even got a worse connection.

@MatteoGianfreda - 35010 Campodoro (PD) - I still hope to find a solution by sattelite :confused: