FTP is very slow

9 hours for a 1.5GB file.
Is Envato under attack? Or is it just using 2000s technology?slow-ftp

Hey, it usually isn’t this slow… I get a few mb/s upload, which is my internets maximum anyways. But once I get the slow upload speeds every now and then, I just cancel the upload and restart a minute or so later. It seems to help.

Unless in this case something seriously malfunctioned either on their servers or on your side.

I tried several times.
I want to show my maximum speed.

Well you should be getting max ~590kb/s upload speed… Unless you ran this test with a server in your home country, while envatos servers might be somewhere in US (don’t know).

It’s okay if it’s not slow on you and the others. :+1: I hope the speed will increase in the future. :crossed_fingers: