slow download speeds - very slow - on a fiber connection

I’ve spend a lot of money through envato lately. I have a Fiber Gigabit connection, with a 4GHZ computer. I’m trying to download a 2.5 gig file and it’s downloading at 200 KBps come on…

What a dis-service to envato authors and customers. I tried yesterday and today the speeds are still very slow. Envato seems to completely remove themselves from the picture offering no apparent direct contact with the company.

There seems to be a bunch of other posts about this…

I will likely look else way I don’t want to support a bad environment that doesn’t support it’s customers or author’s customers.

Hi @jadensmith1010,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing slow downloads. We don’t generally offer support on the forums here, so the best way to get support is to open a support ticket with us:

In the meantime, I’ll look into this issue for you. Obviously your fast connection speed should allow you to download these items quickly. Tracking slow downloads is not easy, because item downloads are served directly by our CDN (Amazon CloudFront). My testing so far hasn’t uncovered any issues, but it’s very unlikely you’re hitting the same servers that I am.

To help troubleshoot, could you please try the following steps, and report the outcomes in the support ticket that you open?

  • Try your download from a different browser
  • Try your download from a different computer
  • Try your download from a different network

I’m not trying to find something on your end to blame, but rather to isolate the cause. It may be that one of these things helps; it may be that none of them do.

Also, please visit, follow the instructions there, and paste the output into your support ticket. This will give us a little more information to troubleshoot with.

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