Slow download speeds?

Anyone else experience slow download speeds on Envato?

Just purchased an item on VH - zip size 555mb, downloading between 75-150kb per second :confused: Says it will take another hour to complete, and I’m very short on time…

(it’s not a problem with my connection, I have 80-100mb per second)

Same here in Europe, i don’t know is it Amazon server or something else but it is annoying when you need to download 1gb or more.

Hi Guys.

It might have been mentioned before, but location plays a massive part, it changes the hops you go through, there may be a slow link somewhere between you and the servers.

I’m base in Bangkok and I was trying to download a 700mb file, I was maxing out at 60 KB/s and my connection was timing out.

I ended up installing VPN software and routing the traffic through Switzerland, which is much faster e.g. 1500 KB/s. My download time dropped from 6 hours to 28 min.

For the record, I use a company called private internet access, but I suppose any VPN would be fine.


I am in Shanghai, connection sucks, now 60kbps, im beginning to regret buying :frowning: no help from them either.

downloading at 14 kbps while I’m on 50 mbps connection :frowning: i bought a 300 mb file looks like its gonna take days

guys you have to do something about this or ill torrent your projects just because thats faster

I am in Egypt and downloading at 1- 3 kbps !!! what to do i can’t download what i had purchased 3 days ago!! i am thinking of a refunding

I’m in France, same thing here…

I’m in Miami, FL ,USA with a 50 mbps connection and I get only 35-65Kbs from envato !! My 1.23 Gb files well take 8 hours…
I thought a location in continental US was at least OK for downloads but it seems we are all in the same boat.

2019 in Europe. Need to download 2,2Gigabyte. It takes 20 hours !!!
This mus be a joke.

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